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Henny's House [06 Jul 2005|11:07pm]
I'm at Henny's house and realized that no one has updated their journals recently, so I'll update mine. The only thing I have to say is that I hope I see Helmi the Dreammaker Felfel at the club one night.
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[11 Jan 2005|10:09pm]
Roommate found. FAY69.
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[11 Aug 2004|05:45pm]
Taaaaaaalk tooooo meeeeeeee....

Sorry guys, being a teacher is way more work than I ever thought it could be. Especially when you've never taught it before. :'(

I hope I get paid soon.
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[10 Mar 2004|12:41pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

So, I guess no one really reads my journal anymore, it's been so long since I posted any updates. Right now I'm bickering with my inner child as to whether or not I want to go on spring break. I know it's a little late to be deciding, but I really can't make up my mind. I will use a method I learned in middle school to help me decide (a pros and cons list)!!!

PROS:         CONS:
Get to have fun with friends         Might do something stupid
Laze around on beach         I'm too fat for my swimsuit
Last spring break         Need to save money for grad trip
Get to buy cute new spring outfits     I'm broke
Work on my tan         Sunburn
Swimming         Water is probably too cold
Be able to get away for awhile         Share a bathroom with 3 guys

So, what should I do? Let me know!!!!

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[09 Oct 2003|10:01pm]
Go here. You will not be disappointed.

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Holy Shit! [25 Sep 2003|01:50pm]
Yes, that's what I said. What I said when I almost stepped on a 2 and a half foot long copperhead resting on my steps. So I run down the other way to get Jennifer. I'm like "Jennifer!! Can I come in?" and she's like "yeah" and I'm like YOU'VE GOT TO SEE THIS!!! So she puts on pants (heh) and we go back up outside and I show her the copperhead. Jennifer immediately decides that housing must come out here and kill it. She's like "you better stay up there and watch it" and I wanted to skip English anyway, so I did. I watched while Deni phoned and then she said over the phone that they would send "Snake Wrangler Jimmy" to take care of it. After about one minute had elapsed, Jimmy the Snake Wrangler was here with his subordinate Wrangler in Training, Mike. Mike was wielding a shovel, and Jimmy commanded "Cut his head off, that's usually the best way." Before we knew it, Mike thrust the mighty shovel into the snake's neck. A great battle ensued, well not really, the snake started hissing really bad but with one more whack he was basically dead, twitching, but dead. Two cleaning ladies from housing showed up and flipped out, they had heard it on the radio. Mike and Jimmy left, with the snake draped across the shovel head. Deni and I talked to the cleaning ladies who said we should call housing and make them cut our grass and "I wouldn't let my chile stay down there for as much as yall pay"

The only thing I can really say is we're all lucky that we were both here. If Deni had discovered the snake, she would have flipped. If I had been alone, it would probably still be up there alive.

Please see Deni's livejournal for a different perspective on the story.
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[11 Mar 2003|10:33pm]
Because I haven't updated my journal in so long, and because Homer Simpson is my mentor, I've decided to make a comprehensive list of people that I know that I think will get married. Feel free to comment if you agree or disagree with any of my pairings.

First and most obviously on my list of future matrimony:

Henny and Chad: They have quite an affinity for each other, if you haven't noticed. Even if they don't choose matrimony, I have this shadowy feeling that the child growing within Henny's womb will push them in the right direction. I mean, come on guys, even with birth control, if you do somebody that much, it's bound to be the 0.000001% of the time.

Deni and Jude Law: He's back on the market. I know with her cunning prowess and seductive charm, he will be hers within the year. A "Sexy Deni" tattoo will replace his old one. After she marries him and takes all his money and seed, I believe a marriage to B-rhad will follow.

Ryan and Ian McKellen: Because he's Magneto, Gandalf, and basically the coolest old fairy ever.

Melissa and Josh: He's part Indian, which is close to Mexican, and they both like Anime. They both have long beautiful hair as well. Although they've never met, the fates will soon come together to make Melissa a blushing bride.

Lindsay and Mark Montgomery: She has a soft spot for "special" people.

I guess that basically covers my running crew. Feel free to add your own predictions.
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[21 Oct 2002|09:41pm]
I just want everyone to know that I am no longer hot for anyone but Jason. Especially not my Russian Lab TA.
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[11 Sep 2002|04:58pm]
Because of Ryan I have gravy running down my face and onto my shirt.
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My Poor Brother [11 Sep 2002|01:32pm]
Nilly P: Who is this?
DaddyPilgrim: alex
Nilly P: What are you doing home ?
DaddyPilgrim: oss
Nilly P: What did you get OSS for?!
DaddyPilgrim: walkin out of the class
Nilly P: Why did you do that
DaddyPilgrim: teacher tried to get me to make up two tests from last week and i was only there for one day
Nilly P: why were you absent last week?
DaddyPilgrim: i asked if i could do them some other time she said now or take a zero i got pissed and left
DaddyPilgrim: I wasent i was in iss
Nilly P: What were you in ISS for?
DaddyPilgrim: spittin gum into the trashcan from across the room
Nilly P: damn
Nilly P: What teacher was it?
DaddyPilgrim: and I made it in too
DaddyPilgrim: the old miss harvey
Nilly P: She gave you ISS?
DaddyPilgrim: yeah]
Nilly P: Isn't she a substitute?
DaddyPilgrim: yeah but not the short mrss harvy
Nilly P: oh, i don't know which one is the old one
Nilly P: Which teacher gave you OSS?
DaddyPilgrim: mr. sowel
DaddyPilgrim: its really bull shit and they know it
Nilly P: No but I mean what class was the test in that you got sent to the office
DaddyPilgrim: mrs harvey
Nilly P: So she did both?
DaddyPilgrim: yeah
Nilly P: What does she teach?
DaddyPilgrim: english
Nilly P: I see
DaddyPilgrim: they tried to tell me I could have gotten the work from a class mate
DaddyPilgrim: but the stink of it is that the book we were learnin from was not allowed to leave the class room
Nilly P: Are you serious?
Nilly P: Is mom or dad gonna go talk to them?
DaddyPilgrim: so how the hell am i supposed to get my work
Nilly P: yeah I know really
DaddyPilgrim: mom might if i tell here
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Food [10 Sep 2002|10:48pm]
Nilly P: Did you hear that Wendys' has the monterrey ranch chicken sandwich back?
tkdchampion: im cooking right now
Nilly P: LAME
tkdchampion: else id be on my way to pick you up and take you there
Nilly P: LMFAO
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[25 Aug 2002|12:00pm]
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[03 Aug 2002|12:10am]
Today, Deni and I were enjoying a quiet supper in Arby's, and who should walk in but Eric Thomas! That's right, THE Eric Thomas Channel 3 CBS Meteorologist Eric Thomas! From this day forth, August 2nd shall be known as Eric Thomas Day. He came and fertilized us with his alien seed, and soon, soon, we shall give birth to alien/Eric Thomas/Nilly/Deni hybrids. Soon....soon....
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[29 Jul 2002|11:31am]
Sorry for the obvious format, but there really is no better way.

Tickets to see Rob Zombie at Tremont: $20

Tickets to Ozzfest in Atlanta: $50

Total gas for trip to Atlanta: $30

Total food for trip to Atlanta: $35

Ozzfest t-shirt: $30

Rob Zombie The Sinister Urge cd: $20

Meeting Rob Zombie, touching him, talking to him, and getting said cd autographed: priceless.

I guess there really are some things money can't buy.
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Hee hee [16 Jul 2002|04:36pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

ClemsonTigress4: lawd
Nilly P: for real
Nilly P: I'm listening to that version of I'm real
Nilly P: that is so good
Nilly P: heheh
ClemsonTigress4: yeah it totally is
ClemsonTigress4: well I was watching elimidate
Nilly P: gd
ClemsonTigress4: and rather enjoying myself BUT
ClemsonTigress4: now Kyle is down here
ClemsonTigress4: watching a walk to remember
ClemsonTigress4: And I'm not kidding.
Nilly P: *SCREAMS*
ClemsonTigress4: I'm really going to kill myself guy.
ClemsonTigress4: really.
Nilly P: Well guy
Nilly P: just come over here don't kill yourself
Nilly P: Kill others
Nilly P: like Kyle
Nilly P: that is better than killing yourself
Nilly P: I'll just have to live without perfect seed
ClemsonTigress4: i know
ClemsonTigress4: we'll find you perfect seed some other way
Nilly P: well it might just have to pass on down to our kids
Nilly P: like my kids and yourn can breed
ClemsonTigress4: good idea.
ClemsonTigress4: allison
ClemsonTigress4: it's a walk to remember
ClemsonTigress4: con mandy more
ClemsonTigress4: i'm going to kill myself
ClemsonTigress4: really
ClemsonTigress4: guy
ClemsonTigress4: suicide is the only way out
Nilly P: her name is mandy
Nilly P: that guy in it is hot
Nilly P: but not hot enough to suffer
Nilly P: Just apply everything to the guy
Nilly P: and how hot he is
ClemsonTigress4: Yes it is
ClemsonTigress4: no he's not hot enogh
ClemsonTigress4: fuck dude.
ClemsonTigress4: must
ClemsonTigress4: kill
ClemsonTigress4: self
Nilly P: GUY
Nilly P: NO
Nilly P: Kill Kyle
ClemsonTigress4: ge
Nilly P: Kill the one that hurt you
ClemsonTigress4: dialouge guy
Nilly P: Better yet, if you're going to kill the one that hurt you, kill Nicolas Sparks
ClemsonTigress4: i have to kill myself
ClemsonTigress4: the horrible dialouge
Nilly P: He made Bridges of Madison County
ClemsonTigress4: oh yeah that's right
ClemsonTigress4: holy shit this is his bidding isn't it
Nilly P: It's time to settle the score
ClemsonTigress4: fecccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk k
ClemsonTigress4: feeeeeeeeeeeeecccccccckkkkkkk
ClemsonTigress4: they're singing
Nilly P: damn
ClemsonTigress4: they're singing a lotttttttt
ClemsonTigress4: and dancinggggggg
ClemsonTigress4: *WHINE*
Nilly P: Jennifer settle the score
Nilly P: Did you ever watch that shit with Clint Eastwood and that whore Meryl Streep?
ClemsonTigress4: Yes
ClemsonTigress4: it made me want to die
Nilly P: I know
Nilly P: his days are numbered
ClemsonTigress4: i watched the whole goddamn thing
ClemsonTigress4: and you KNOW
ClemsonTigress4: message in a bottle
ClemsonTigress4: was by him?
Nilly P: OH SHIT
ClemsonTigress4: which starred oh who who?
ClemsonTigress4: KEVIN COSTNER
ClemsonTigress4: yes
Nilly P: Kevin Fucking Costner
ClemsonTigress4: LMGDAO
ClemsonTigress4: NO YOU DID NOT
ClemsonTigress4: Oh guy I'm sorry
ClemsonTigress4: Andy era
Nilly P: It was horrible.
Nilly P: No
Nilly P: I watched it at Grandmas
ClemsonTigress4: so let's review
ClemsonTigress4: he has brought us
ClemsonTigress4: A) Bridges of Madison County
ClemsonTigress4: B) Message in a Bottle
ClemsonTigress4: C) This monstrosity
ClemsonTigress4: He must die.
Nilly P: and probably countless others that God refused to burden us with
Nilly P: He really must.
ClemsonTigress4: feck.
ClemsonTigress4: all i know
Nilly P: New goal
ClemsonTigress4: is something horrible will happen soon
ClemsonTigress4: b/c all the girls walked out of this movie with tears in their eyes
ClemsonTigress4: yes? goal?
Nilly P: Goal = destroy Sparks
ClemsonTigress4: I know
ClemsonTigress4: I hope Mandy Moore Gets cancer in the movie
ClemsonTigress4: that'd be cool
ClemsonTigress4: oh good idea
ClemsonTigress4: i'm going to ruin it for myself
Nilly P: I hope Freddie Kruger jumps out in the middle of their walk and mauls her face.
ClemsonTigress4: allison...
ClemsonTigress4: I just went to www.moviepooper.com to find out the ending of the movie
ClemsonTigress4: can you believe...
ClemsonTigress4: I knowing jack shit about this
ClemsonTigress4: have not even watched 2 seconds of the movie
ClemsonTigress4: guessed the ending
ClemsonTigress4: Landon (Shane West) and Jamie (Mandy Moore) fall in love. He finds out she has leukemia. They get married to fulfill the #1 item on her list. She dies that summer.
ClemsonTigress4: I wished she got cancer and died.
ClemsonTigress4: And she did.
Nilly P: OMFG.
ClemsonTigress4: can you believe that bullshit?
ClemsonTigress4: I swear to god guy
ClemsonTigress4: i guessed thefucking ending
ClemsonTigress4: without seeing any of the movie
ClemsonTigress4: how is that possible?
ClemsonTigress4: Jesus.
ClemsonTigress4: that shows you how good of a movie this must be
Nilly P: becuase he's such a lame ass
ClemsonTigress4: Oh i hope you were never planning to watch it
ClemsonTigress4: cause i fucked you there.
Nilly P: Yeah I'm no

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FINALLY! [17 May 2002|12:58am]
[ mood | giddy ]

Finally Episode II has arrived. IF YOU HAVE NOT YET SEEN IT, DO NOT READ THIS JOURNAL ENTRY! Okay, so first and foremost, Yoda kicks serious ass. Makes me proud to be one of the little people. It was so much better than Episode I, I couldn't have ever imagined. Skywalker, is of course, hot as hell. The moment he snaps is great too, killing all those Tusken Raiders. Kind of reminds me of what I'd like to do sometimes. The love scenes were pretty much take them or leave them, Han Solo and Leia had a much better romance, but Han Solo had a lot more game. Most likely, George Lucas isn't much of a hopeless romantic. The Sound of Music scene on Naboo was, meh. But otherwise, this movie absolutely kicked ass. Whoever knew Boba Fett was a clone? Well, possibly everyone but me, but I didn't know. And those clones! Truly badass. They look strikingly similar to....Storm Troopers. And Skywalker has gotten his first machine part, that wretch of an arm. I am so giddy I cannot contain myself, so I will end this now.

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Hey, it must be all this programming I've been doing. [25 Apr 2002|12:14am]

the Which Star Wars Character are you mostly likely to get it on with?
quiz, by ProtocolDroid.
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Euphoria [17 Mar 2002|01:08am]
Finally, spring break is here. I am at home, soaking up the slackness. This has been a great week for me, everything is going absolutely perfectly.

I guess the only thing I can really say is did anyone watch SNL tonight? Ian McKellen was on, and he is so funny. There was a Turkish skit with Horatio Sanz, Darrel Hammond, and Ian, and they were cracking up the entire time. It was so great. I couldn't stop laughing. Tell me your thoughts.

We also went to Brixx tonight, and Starbucks. There were too many hippies at Starbucks. I really hate hippies.
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Nipple Stickers [14 Feb 2002|12:28am]
[ mood | amused ]

Okay, so I had this HUGE white sticker, and I was looking at it, and I was like, what can I do with this huge white sticker? So then, I look at Deni, working ever so hard on something at her desk. Wellllllll, solution presents itself.

First Step: Rip sticker in half.
Second Step: Turn around and remove shirt.
Third step: Affix half of sticker to right nipple.
Fourth step: Affix remaining half to left nipple.
Fifth step: Start singing "Why Don't You Do Right".
Sixth step: Turn back around.
Seventh step: Dance while singing and jiggle a lot.
Eighth step: Reap the benefits of Deni's horrified amusement.

The stickers have now been removed and stuck to our door, where I drew a perfect pink nipple on each one. Don't believe me? Come by and I'll show you sometime.

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[12 Feb 2002|12:28am]
Why come people never leave me comments?
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